Young Living Foundation

My husband and I firmly believe that God’s intent for our lives is to give, serve and bless others! We love the fact that Young Living holds those same values!


The Young Living Foundation is committed to empowering individuals to defy human limitations by providing education, wellness, and business opportunities.

Young Living founder D. Gary Young assists the foundation with his lifelong passion for helping to improve the lives of people everywhere. Over the years the foundation has evolved into the primary avenue through which Young Living demonstrates its commitment to serving families and communities worldwide. The foundation invites you to join them on various humanitarian trips, where you will take a hands-on role in furthering the mission to make a difference in underprivileged communities. For those that cannot travel, the foundation makes it easy to give. You can simply donate online. And as a Young Living member, at the checkout of any order, you can choose a one-time donation of any amount or you can round your order up to the nearest dollar. All proceeds go to the foundation. Yes…ALL. Another great reason to become a Young Living member and be a part of a community of people changing the world!

To learn more about the Young Living Foundation, watch this short intro video and click here!

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